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HP selects Fantasy as UX & Design Partner

The global business and technology services leader has selected Fantasy to provide strategy, ux and design for a variety of it's B2B services.

18th June 2015 0
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Fantasy Offsite: Sailing the USA 76 Americas Cup around San Francisco

We took advantage of unique weather this past Friday here on the San Francisco bay. Fantasy chartered the USA 76, an American International America's Cup Class yacht which...

15th June 2015 0
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23andMe selects Fantasy as UX & Design Partner

Mountain View based 23andMe, selected Fantasy as a design partner. Fantasy San Francisco will provide strategic and UX design services to the leading personal genetics...

28th May 2015 0
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What If We Could Rethink Digital Healthcare?

No matter who we are, staying healthy – and making sure we have access to care when we’re not – is an important part of life. Surely something so important should...

19th May 2015 0
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Is this the future of the loyalty experience?

KOHLS is the largest department store chain in the United States, with millions of loyal customers. So how can we redefine what loyalty is to the customer to provide real...

23rd April 2015 0